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Tsek Hot-Springs is also referred to as Skookumchuck Hot Springs.

The name Tsek is pronounced ‘chick’. It is most likely a derivation of the Ucwalmícwts word (s)ts’eq’ meaning ‘dripping water’ or ‘water droplet’.

Tsek Hot Springs has 12 tubs all together, there are 4 straight hot water tubs 1 cold water tub and 7 tubs you can adjust with both hot and cold water. All our water is all natural, no chemicals, our cold water comes from a glacier fed creek and our hot water comes straight up out of the ground just above the tubs.

Day use hours for the hot springs is from:

9AM- 8PM Summer

9AM-6PM Fall-Spring

Camping is open year round. Tsek has about 30 campsites. Contact us to make reservation on our facebook page: Tsekinfo

Otherwise campsites are first come first serve. Please note there is no cell phone service for most of the drive down or internet service onsite. Please drive safe.


Tsek has been part of the traditional territory of the In-SHUCK-ch people since the beginning.

Tsek is a spiritual and cultural site. Its purpose since time out of mind is to heal the spirit and body of the people. When the Transformers were travelling the world to restore order they not only changed the landscape they also transformed many worthy people to serve their people for eternity. Thus, the salmon, deer, cedar trees and many other useful creatures and beings were created that our people learned to depend upon. When they came through this area, they came upon a couple that was serving the good of their people and decided to transform them so they were able to support their people for eternity. When asked, the couple agreed under the condition that they could be together forever. Thus, the transformers changed them into two springs – one hot, one cold - running next to each other and healing the spirit and the body of their people for generations to come. People today still believe in the healing powers of Tsek. They come to heal their bodies, they come to lift their spirits, especially before hunting & fishing for the community, they come to train as medicine people and chiefs, couples come to commit to each other, they come to hold ceremonies and they come for many more reasons.

Tsek is located in southwestern British Columbia within the traditional territory of the St’at’imc People. Tsek sits on the Lower Lillooet River which flows south within the Coast Mountains and empties into the north end of Harrison Lake.
Access to Tsek is via Highway 99 east from Pemberton and Mt. Currie and south on the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road to just past the 44 kilometer marker.

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