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From Whistler, zero your odometer in Whistler at Village Gate Boulevard and follow highway 99 (Sea to Sky Highway north toward Pemberton.  At 32km you will arrive at Pemberton, an intersection, with a Petro Can gas station on your left and Mcdonalds to your right. Continue straight, through Pemberton.At 39km turn right at the sign to Lillooet. Follow this winding road, for 10km and soon (5-10 minutes) you will come to the massive Lillooet Lake on your right. At 49km turn right, just as you pass the lake on your right you will see a sign for the In-Shuck-Ch Forest Service Road. Continue down this logging road as it hugs the mighty Lillooet Lake on your right. At 78.8km you will come to a fork in the road. Bear left and you will immediately see another sign to the Skookumchuck Hot Springs. At 96.5km, on your right you will pass the sign welcoming you to "St. Agnes Well, T'Sik, Skookumchuck Hot Springs".

As you can notice, Tsek is quite far into the wilderness. BE PREPARED. Like any camping trip, bring the necessities, like toilet paper, towels, food etc. Please drive safe and pay attention to the road! The road is narrow at times, windy, and may have pot holes. Drive with extra care in the winter months when it is raining or snowing. Please read our policies.


KM 44 In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road | Lower Lillooet River Valley, Lillooet, British Columbia, Canada


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